Am I ever allowed to talk about my depression?

Talking about depression makes me feel understood and makes me know that I am not alone. Don’t be quick to judge me. I had a life all figured out, before this battle to keep going began. I am going through an uphill mental battle and would need you to help and support me through it. I am irrational, not unintelligent. I had been trying to stay strong for too long and never considered myself weak. I wish I could get better and live my life to the full like everyone else, but I cannot simply snap out of it. I need your understanding and support, not your judgment, I have already done enough of that to myself.

Be supportive, do not be judgmental!!!!Depression is a real illness

2 thoughts on “Am I ever allowed to talk about my depression?”

  1. That’s great, a good read. The issue about depression is something way beyond one person to fight alone. We all have to enroll​ in the campaign to help someone going through


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